About Us 

We envision a future where an entrepreneur’s success isn’t about their understanding of technology. That’s why We take the time to learn about your business from the inside-out and translate your business needs into software that speaks your business’ language.

Long story short

illumisoft is more than a software development company.

Our journey started when our first client-partner reached out to us looking for help moving forward with their business and were considering a custom software solution. We helped them lay out strategic plans for the life of their software and how to best utilize their software for accelerated business growth.

The lessons learned with that first client are still at the very core of our belief system today. We know that for a software project to be successful we need to partner with our clients, get to know their business from the inside out, and walk alongside them through all the twists and turns.

Our Team

Dan Prince

Founder & CEO

  • Has extensive knowledge surrounding modern, Software Development Life Cycle gained from over 20 years in the software industry.
  • Believes in building strong relationships with clients in order to truly understand their needs and provide the right software solutions.

Dustin Ewan

VP of Software Development

  • His expertise falls in the area of Automation and cloud computing.
  • Has helped multiple start-ups build viable solutions that incorporate advanced technologies, simplified complicated ideas, and solidified their application to life-cycle management.
  • His experience in the start-up world gives him an innovative touch for adapting existing business processes into modern technology platforms.

Matt S. Dantzler

Vice President of Sales

  • Is an accomplished Sales Leadership professional and has spent most of his career in sales focused roles.
  • Started out as an individual inside sales rep and moved his way up to Manager, Director, and on to Vice President roles.
  • Thrives on new projects, increasing efficiencies, and bringing new products to market that are disruptive to their industries.

Tyler Prince

VP of Business Development

  • Is a serial entrepreneur that, in his early 20s, built a successful business from the ground up.
  • Is passionate about building honest, strong relationships with people and providing a level of service that surpasses any and all expectation.

Chase Prince

Project Manager

  • Passionate about relationship building, communication, and making a difference in the world.
  • Enjoys hanging out with friends, socializing, and attending music festivals.

Lana H. Jo

Marketing Communication Specialist & QA Manager

  • Is a passionate marketer aiding in establish marketing direction, content creation, and maintaining a strong social media appearance across a broad range of industries.
  • Analyzes complicated problems, identifies issues, and manages their solution to completion as Quality Assurance Manager.

Matt Johnson


  • Established himself as a respected leader due to his excellent understanding of how software works, his continual acquisition of knowledge regarding new technologies and his use of this knowledge to polish his approach to how software development should be done.
  • Is considered to be one of the best .net developers in the industry.
  • His insightful view into technology provides intuitive solutions to complex problems.

Gabriel Campbell

Solution Architect

  • Has extensive experience in architecting and developing large corporate systems.
  • Is skilled and passionate in simplifying complex technical problems that nobody else wants to touch.
  • Is entirely self-taught technologist who continues to stay on the leading edge of technology.

Ezra Curry

Front-end Developer

  • Exceptionally astute learner with an eye for User Interface tweaking
  • Learned to code by designing his own course curriculum for each technology he wanted to become proficient at.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Working with illumisoft was incredible. Dan and his team came in and talked through every aspect of the system we wanted to have built. That process was eye-opening and critical to the project's success. They don't miss a single detail. When your business depends on it, these are the guys to call.

Ben Anderson

CEO, Unidoor LLC

Super smart and knowledgeable. Very easy to work with.

Coolio Xu

President, CEO, Dual Plane LLC

My company just started discussions with Illumisoft and what I am most impressed with is they said “no” to developing the software that we wanted. This may sound like an unusual testimonial because many software developers might have willingly said yes, began developing what we requested, and sent us an invoice. The team at illumisoft instead said, “Let's help you identify what you really NEED, not what you WANT.” We’re investing time on the front end to really make sure the end product helps our business succeed. illumisoft's approach helps me trust that we’ll really get what we need.  

Patrick Handley, Ph.D.

President, Insight Institute, Inc.

I have worked with illumisoft over the past couple of years on an as-needed basis.  Dan and his team bring a breadth of experience to each project they take on.  They are always willing to respond quickly, take action and provide a high-quality solution.

Terry Jones

Sr. Resource Manager, Saigan Technologies, Inc.

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