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Promoting  Business Growth Through Integration

Business integration, where technology aligns with your company’s culture, goals, and day-to-day operations, is crucial to success today. Manual systems become increasingly inefficient as your business grows. At some point, you’ll need scalable and efficient systems that will pave the way for continued growth in your business. At illumisoft, we are a proud Kansas City software development company that delivers innovative solutions that will meet the needs of your modern organization.

We develop software solutions that fit into your operations and speak your organization’s language. We solve problems in your processes; make work easier and faster for your staff; secure business and client information; ensure efficient data exchange between interlinked departments while granting you the flexibility to scale and adapt functions according to company changes.

Your Business Software Development Company in Kansas City, MO

Realize your marketing, sales, customer service, or management goals with customized software that integrates seamlessly with your existing business processes. Technology is a game-changer for many small- to mid-sized businesses, but it doesn’t always have to be a disruptive force. Technology works best for your business when it integrates smoothly into your day-to-day processes.

The best way to achieve business integration is to customize software solutions for specific areas in your operations. Yes, you’ll find plenty of generic, out-of-the-box software products, but why settle for shallow benefits when you can get more satisfying results from a customized solution?

Increase efficiencies, allot resources effectively, empower your employees, and promote customer engagement through our cutting edge custom tailored technology solutions:

Data Management

Transition your databases from manual to electronic platforms with the help of our talented software development firm in Kansas City. We develop customized data management software that fits perfectly into your standard operating procedures. Automating data management pays off through tighter data security, improved efficiencies, cloud storage, the ability to bring your information online, and a reduced need for physical storage space.

Inventory and Materials Management

Manage your entire inventory with a fully-integrated system that tracks supply levels, client orders, deliveries, and overall sales. Such a platform can empower your people and improve your operations. Instead of spending hours manually counting and logging inventory, your staff can complete these duties in minutes. You can then train them to develop their skills to solve bigger problems and facilitate business growth.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Already automating your processes? Take things a step further with mobile applications that are customized specifically for your business. Our Kansas City mobile app developers can build software applications that will enhance your existing solutions, whether you’re offering professional services or selling products. You’ll get apps that address the specific needs of your business rather than add functions you will never use.

Tracking and Monitoring

Avoid oversight in the off-site segments of your business by using custom software for remote tracking and real-time monitoring of equipment, vehicles, personnel, and supplies. These features are especially necessary for companies engaged in fleet management, supply chain management, cargo processing, and shift scheduling. Automate, optimize, and scale-up with a custom program from illumisoft, your local software development company in Kansas City, Missouri.

What we believe

Building the perfect software solution for your situation requires an understanding of how software fits into the big picture with your business.
Cultivating an honest, open relationship with you is the way we gain that understanding.

Industries We Serve

illumisoft extends its services to mid-sized businesses in the Kansas City, Missouri area. We are the top software development company in Missouri for businesses who want anything from simple data automation and management to complicated tracking, invoicing, data entry, and database integration systems. We’ve developed software solutions for a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, shipping and logistics, manufacturing, e-commerce, education and research.

Our customized solutions are woven into the fabric of our clients’ operations, creating vast improvements on how fast and how well they do business. We share their — and your — goals of achieving maximum efficiency, optimizing resources, securing your assets, and acquiring data that can be crucial for your company’s growth.

Developing Ideas and Automating Processes is Easier Than You Think

Discover for yourself how automated processes seamlessly integrate with your business to promote growth & efficiency.
No obligations. No golden handcuffs. We want to help your business grow because that’s how we grow.

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Build Your Ideas

We’ll help turn your good idea into a GREAT idea through custom software development to make it real.

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Our Team of Custom Software Developers help you create solutions that enable your business to grow faster with higher efficiency.

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Let us help create a plan to overcome frustrating problems and get your business back on the fast track to success.

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