Relationship-oriented technologists that make healthcare and health research better.

Bring your software ideas to life with a partner that will keep you and your patients at the heart of every developed solution.

Develop Ideas. Streamline Processes. Improve Patient Care.

Custom healthcare solutions with a human-centered approach.

The healthcare industry is always changing, and staying in front of the shifting patient needs can be a challenge. That’s where we come in.

Some examples of what we can build together

Remote Patient Monitoring

Mobile Health Apps

Clinical Research Platforms

Medical Device Software

Records Management

Software Development

EMR Integrations

Secure Messaging

Patient Engagement

Clinical Database Architecture

Patient Scheduling / Engagement

Visit Notification Management

Machine Learning Tools

Proof of excellence

We have over five decades of combined experience providing custom healthcare solutions to research institutions, hospitals, private practices, and clinics.

  • Successfully managed over forty projects worth over ten million dollars
  • Streamlined efficiencies for over thirty different organizations
  • Helped change hundreds of thousands of lives including those of patients, families, and children
Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what our clients have to say about their experience with our experts.

We’re proud to work with like-minded people!

It’s simple, we love to work with organizations to create solutions that fulfill our hearts and challenge our minds. That’s why we partner with medium to large hospitals, practices, researchers, and point of care providers that want to improve patient outcomes, transform industries, and have a holistic impact on quality of care.

Physician Groups
Academic Researchers
Healthcare Providers
Hospital Research Teams
Children’s Hospitals
Healthcare Companies

What drives us



We know that lives are changed on the receiving end of our solutions, and we take that responsibility seriously. We exist to improve healthcare and make your life easier while facilitating this. Everything we create has a people-focused element to it.


Our goal is to help facilitate yours. We help magnify your unique competitive edge by improving your system integrations, developing completely new solutions, and modernizing your processes.



If you’re like us, the future is consistently on your mind. We want the solutions that we build together to have a direct correlation to the overall improvement of the delivery of healthcare that can make life-changing impacts on millions of lives.


Bridging the gap between business and technology.

How it works

We want to be transparent from the start about what a working relationship with us looks like. Here’s what you can expect when we start working together.

We Get To Know
Your Business

We look at technology solutions through the lens of your operations. The only way we can create something powerful is if we get to know you, your problems, and your goals. Our experts will spend time understanding your concerns and coming up with a guided solution to maximize the best possible outcome.

We Present a Custom
Designed Solution

After we have all of the information we need, we get right to work on a plan of action. We analyze how we can help you and present the solution we plan to build.

We Make Sure We’re
On The Same Page

Once we have the green light on the proposal, we plan a kick-off meeting to address any questions or concerns you may have.

We Start

Now that we’ve finalized the plan, it’s go time. We bring your plans to life, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

We Get
Your Input

We make sure to communicate with you often, incorporating any feedback or revisions you might have during the process.

We Launch
Your Solution!

Our favorite part is the final solution and seeing the vision come to life. Working with illumisoft means you have our support for the long haul! From the very start through after we complete a project, we will be there to make sure you are running smoothly and efficiently.


Ready to bring your idea to life?