Decent developers solve a perceived problem. Good developers solve your problem. Great developers help you find and create the right solution for you.

 We guarantee you’ll be delighted with what custom software can do for you!

What Our Clients Have to Say

Working with illumisoft was incredible. Dan and his team came in and talked through every aspect of the system we wanted to have built. That process was eye-opening and critical to the project's success. They don't miss a single detail. When your business depends on it, these are the guys to call.

Ben Anderson

CEO, Unidoor LLC

Super smart and knowledgeable. Very easy to work with.

Coolio Xu

President, CEO, Dual Plane LLC

My company just started discussions with Illumisoft and what I am most impressed with is they said “no” to developing the software that we wanted. This may sound like an unusual testimonial because many software developers might have willingly said yes, began developing what we requested, and sent us an invoice. The team at illumisoft instead said, “Let's help you identify what you really NEED, not what you WANT.” We’re investing time on the front end to really make sure the end product helps our business succeed. illumisoft's approach helps me trust that we’ll really get what we need.  

Patrick Handley, Ph.D.

President, Insight Institute, Inc.

I have worked with illumisoft over the past couple of years on an as-needed basis.  Dan and his team bring a breadth of experience to each project they take on.  They are always willing to respond quickly, take action and provide a high-quality solution.

Terry Jones

Sr. Resource Manager, Saigan Technologies, Inc.

Things we can do for you

Build Your Ideas


We’ll help turn your good idea into a GREAT idea through custom software development to make it real.


Enhance Efficiency


Our Team of Custom Software Developers help you create solutions that enable your business to grow faster with higher efficiency.


Find Solutions


Let us help create a plan to overcome frustrating problems and get your business back on the fast track to success.

Why we do it

Nothing feels better than turning a ‘concept’ into a REALITY

From Concept to Reality

All too often we see someone with a really good idea that could have been a great idea BUT the ideation process was lacking technical input. We turn your good idea into a GREAT idea through our exploratory development process and ensure it’s full transformation from an idea into the concept you envision.

Local Community

Our entire team is right here in the USA. Most of us are right here in the Kansas City area. We have developed a community of top notch software professionals and you are invited to join our team while we build your project, together. No learning a foreign language necessary including tech-speak. We will talk your language and ensure you get what you want.

Still not convinced? Here is another reason:

Always Within Budget

Due to our agile development process, you will never have a ‘financial surprise’. Our ability to scale to meet your needs is why partnering with a team like ours is a better choice than using in-house development and support teams.

If you’ve ever wondered how automation and custom software development can help your business, you’re in the right place.

Developing Ideas and Automating Processes is Easier Than You Think

Discover for yourself how automated processes seamlessly integrate with your business to promote growth & efficiency.
No obligations. No golden handcuffs. We want to help your business grow because that’s how we grow.

Every day, 100,000+ people just like you grow their businesses by automating manual processes. Go ahead. Join the ranks.

at illumisoft we want to make it easy for you.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Have a question? Call us.

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