Neurogen Network

Client: Neurogen Network

Technology used:

Azure Storage, ReactJS, MaterialUI, GraphQL, Axios, MobX, Electron.

Description of project:

Create a secure, HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution to perform neuromonitoring utilizing a software platform for neurologists and technicians to be able to deliver their services. The platform provides business insights, dashboard reports, easy case searches, billing and scheduling within a secure and compliant environment.

Key Benefits:

This was a proof of concept project therefore we didn’t have any real-world benefits however some of the projected benefits once implemented centered around:

  • Reduce overhead expenses for hospitals by having neurologists performing neurological monitoring remotely.
  • Ability to offer neurological procedures to more rural healthcare organizations/facilities.
  • Enable neurologists and neurology practices to increase their revenue streams by allowing them to practice in different states.
    (*Note: One change that the federal government made during the Covid-19 pandemic was to relax some of these rules around delivering telemedicine. Specifically, this allows for physicians and hospitals to bill more visits and procedures to a broader range of codes accepted by Medicare and Medicaid)
  • Reducing risk for hospitals in terms infection rates correlated to surgical procedures.