Dr. Mark Clements of Children’s Mercy Hospital

Client: Children’s Mercy Hospital

Technology used:

Azure SQL Server, Azure Functions, ASP.NET Core, Service bus, React JS. Mobile app built in React-Native that manages a proprietary secure Bluetooth device.

Description of project:

Dr. Mark Clements of Children’s Mercy Hospital has designed a clinical study to measure physical activity and the impact that it has on glucose levels within people who have diabetes.

As a part of that study, we are collecting data from:

a. Continuous glucose monitoring devices.
b. Mobile app built for tracking meals/exercise.
*c. Bluetooth-enabled device and app designed to capture insulin injections.
d. Heart rate sensor device.

*Note: For (c) above we were asked to build the app for the Bluetooth-enabled device in order to get injection information from the device into the larger study dataset.

We take the data from all of those different sources and aggregate them into one single research platform. The data is reviewed by a clinical research team with the goal of producing a validated public data set for the scientific community.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces total review time by 50% through streamlining the clinical research team’s process.
  • Increased ROI within the first 3 years. (*Note: By most industry standards technology investments typically achieve 2-3 times their value based on the initial investment.)
  • Reduced risk by building an efficient system for identifying quality issues within large datasets.
  • Validated the ability to conduct large-scale clinical studies remotely with participants collecting data while experiencing a major health crisis.