Dr. Chi-ming Huang, Ph.D and mTBI project

Client: Dr. Chi-ming Huang, Ph.D and mTBI project

Technology used:

Smart sensor devices, VR training

Description of project:

Dr. Chi-ming’s project utilizes science and technology to validate a hypothesis that he has around mTBI (mild Traumatic Brain Injury). Previously, in this area of study the sensors utilized some limited methods to measure the impact of these types of injuries. Dr. Chi-ming is expanding both the method of collecting and analyzing this data but also measuring some new types of data to learn about these types of injuries.

Additionally, a second related area of study utilizes virtual reality to determine if we could potentially prevent these injuries from ever occurring or minimize their impact.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultimately will enable the ability for physicians to deliver telemedicine and precision medicine related to mTBI.
  • Collection and analysis of data could expand our understanding of mTBI on athletes, the elderly and soldiers in combat which could in turn help reduce their risk to these injuries.
  • Enable the creation of devices and training that can help reduce mTBI which would provide a significant ROI to organizations.