Case Studies

Neurogen Network

Technology used: Azure Storage, ReactJS, MaterialUI, GraphQL, Axios, MobX, Electron. Description of project: Create a secure, HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution to perform neuromonitoring utilizing a software platform for neurologists and technicians to be able to deliver their services. The platform provides business insights, dashboard reports, easy case searches, billing and scheduling within a secure and

Dr. Mark Clements of Children’s Mercy Hospital

Technology used: Azure SQL Server, Azure Functions, ASP.NET Core, Service bus, React JS. Mobile app built in React-Native that manages a proprietary secure Bluetooth device. Description of project: Dr. Mark Clements of Children’s Mercy Hospital has designed a clinical study to measure physical activity and the impact that it has on glucose levels within people

Dr. Chi-ming Huang, Ph.D and mTBI project

Technology used: Smart sensor devices, VR training Description of project: Dr. Chi-ming’s project utilizes science and technology to validate a hypothesis that he has around mTBI (mild Traumatic Brain Injury). Previously, in this area of study the sensors utilized some limited methods to measure the impact of these types of injuries. Dr. Chi-ming is expanding