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Migrating your health records from paper to electronic (Electronic Health Records or EHR) is just one step towards modernizing medical data and operations management. To maximize the benefits that software brings to the healthcare sector, hospitals and private practice administrators should contact one of Kansas City, Missouri’s most trusted software development companies offering remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems.

illumisoft develops customized software solutions for hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Since 2013, our company has been helping the local healthcare industry provide quality medical services and access to primary care and treatments to the community. From patient record management to medical staff scheduling, we develop solutions that benefit everyone involved in the healthcare system.

Patient Monitoring Systems Overview

Patient monitoring systems are valuable to the healthcare industry today. These software programs bring the convenience and efficiency offered by digital technology to healthcare facilities and medical professionals. These care providers, in turn, can use remote patient monitoring software to improve the quality of their medical services.

What are the uses of RPM software?

Collecting patient health data (e.g., vital signs, medical test findings) from the start of care to release.
Enabling healthcare providers to track a patient’s medical data and offer guidance to ensure continuous recovery.
Transmitting medical data from clinics and private practices to a centralized virtual database. Healthcare professionals can then remotely monitor patients’ medical data and offer guidance on their treatment plans.

Benefits for Patients and Healthcare Providers

It may seem like patient monitoring software systems exist for the patients’ benefit, but they also promote the interests of healthcare facilities and professionals.

  • Better healthcare quality – RPM connects patients with clinicians who can administer the care they need.
  • Easier access to clinicians – RPM provides patients with 24/7 access to portals where they can get ongoing guidance from their assigned clinicians. These portals encourage patient engagement and adherence to treatment stipulations, leading to faster healing.
  • Prevent burnout – Healthcare providers can determine which treatment is appropriate for each patient, who should treat them, and where they can get that treatment. Hospitals can defer patients accordingly, reducing the burden of their overworked doctors, nurses, and personnel.
  • Reduce costs – Patient engagement is essential for lowering readmissions (which can cost hospitals substantial penalties). By providing administrators with information on the availability of clinicians, medicines, and treatment facilities, RPMs enable hospitals and clinics to manage their medical staffing and inventories better.

Illumisoft: Your RPM Software Developer

The transition to digital management systems is becoming standard in the healthcare sector. From patients to state governments, the public expects healthcare providers to integrate software systems into their basic services. illumisoft is a cutting-edge remote patient monitoring vendor, and our dynamic software development team can provide you with an integrated RPM system with customized features.

illumisoft is proudly local, serving clinics, private practices, and hospitals with patient monitoring software in Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding metro area. We can meet with you in person and discuss what you envision for your RPM software. We are also a Microsoft Gold-certified partner and specialize in Angular, Apache, Azure, C#, .HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, Net, Java, PHP, Python, SQL Server, and TypeScript programming languages.

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Put your patients’ welfare first and earning the community’s trust, developing a positive reputation, increasing efficiencies, and reducing costs will soon follow. Working with the wrong patient monitoring system can cause companies to erode that trust overnight.

Let us help. Take advantage of our expertise in patient monitoring software development and empower your administrators and medical personnel. To get started, fill out our contact form.

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