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Commit to the full modernization of your healthcare system.

Hospitals and healthcare clinics across the country are rapidly modernizing their data management systems, particularly for patient records and medical histories. They must produce quality medical records because these documents directly affect the quality of care a patient receives.

Ensure that your organization lives up to your mission of providing safe and effective healthcare by investing in a customized electronic health record (EHR) system. illumisoft, a proud Kansas City software development company, provides medical records organization and management software tailor-made for your hospital or private practice. We promote accuracy, scalability, accessibility, and security in all of the healthcare systems we develop.

Service Overview

Hospitals and healthcare facilities today need robust and agile electronic data management systems to keep up with the federal government’s demands and their patients’ expectations. Our role is to provide the expertise that helps healthcare facilities achieve their goals of digitization.

Even if paper documentation proves challenging to eradicate, you can still convert a big chunk of your record-keeping process into a digital format. We can help you achieve this goal. At illumisoft, we have successfully designed and developed electronic medical records management software for clinics and hospitals in Kansas City, Missouri. You can trust us with your electronic data management just as you would trust the doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners that you work with.

Hospitals and healthcare networks

Create and secure large volumes of sensitive patient information with ease. Healthcare providers need access to accurate medical records to determine the correct treatments for patients, especially for those who are deferred by another hospital or private practice. Our health information management services help ensure that patients receive adequate care within your hospital network.

Clinics and private practices

Electronic data management systems are just as valuable to small healthcare clinics as they are to big hospitals. They enable healthcare professionals to store, secure, and share patients’ medical records efficiently, enabling medical practitioners to defer patients to more capable hospitals whenever necessary. These software systems also help private practices maintain accurate and accessible records without exhausting their clerical staff.

Benefits for Your Hospital or Clinic

Many organizations today are encouraged to invest in electronic patient medical record and history software because of these external factors:
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offer incentives to Medicaid-accepting hospitals and healthcare providers that use electronic health records (EHR).

EHR compliance saves your hospital from a costly penalty (reduced Medicare reimbursements).
Hospitals also look forward to improvements in their internal processes:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Accurate records
  • Expedient transfer of medical files
  • Streamlined billing
  • Streamlined medical claims processing

These improvements are beneficial not only to your organization but also to your patients. Quick and easy access to patients’ records, for example, is crucial when treating emergency cases. Detailed reports on medical treatments lead to accurate billing, which patients can use when claiming insurance benefits. The benefits alone are worth the money and time invested in a customized health record management system.

illumisoft as Your Kansas City Electronic Medical Records Management Software Provider

Why choose us as your software developer? We are an award-winning software development company (Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Ewing Kauffmann Business of the Year) with vast experience in finding software solutions for medical records organization and management in Kansas City, MO. We also offer the following advantages:

  • Accessible services – We are a local company whose software developers are living in Kansas City.
  • Hands-on developers – We build software solutions for clients in-house; we never outsource to developers from another company.
  • Communicative approach – Our software developers customize EHR management systems according to your organization’s needs and preferences.
  • White-glove service – We are meticulous in our work and deliver the best possible iteration of your software.

Our expertise, combined with your unparalleled knowledge of medical data management procedures, produces software systems that efficiently sustain your needs for the coming years.

Digitize Your Medical Records Management Today

It only takes an email inquiry to get the ball rolling on upgrading your medical records management system. Share with us your ideas for an effective health information management system, and we’ll be happy start creating a plan.

Contact illumisoft today and schedule your free consultation.

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