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A First Attempt at Building Software

Are you responsible for having technology in place for your organization? Do you need to develop software to run your business? If so, then there is a good possibility that reading this will provide you with some interesting information. In your search to create...

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Business Technology: Love Hate Relationship

  Business Technology: Love Hate Relationship. Business needs technology and technology needs business. Yet, many business decisions are made with a level of distrust for the recommendations of the people representing technology. These decisions often cost the...

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Top 6 Reasons To Use The Cloud

As a business owner you might be aware of some benefits of using cloud computing, but you still may not know the full scope of advantages that exist with cloud computing. Here are the six top reasons you should adopt cloud computing:   1. LOWER COSTS Buying the...

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Software Development Life Cycle, What Is It?

Like many people, you may be familiar with some aspects of software development but you may not know what the entire software development life cycle is. The following explanation was designed for maximum simplicity so that anyone can easily grasp all the stages. Stage...

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Disrupting Education In KC: The Lean Lab

Innovation and the spread of bright ideas are central to a city's growth and development. A lot of innovative work is happening in Kansas City, but many are not aware of the movements that are currently working to disrupt the public educational system in Kansas...

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Understanding The Micro-Moment In Business

As people become more and more dependent on their smartphones for everything, a new type of experience has emerged: the micro-moment.  What is a micro-moment? A micro-moment occurs when someone turns to their smartphone to find an answer to a question, get a problem...

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