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Why businesses want software

So you’ve got a pain point in your business, and now you want to know: Can software help you out? Software serves different purposes, depending on your business needs. You might be trying to bring a product to market. Software could function as a service to deliver...

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The Four Pillars of Software Project Success

Before you pick your software developer for your next technical enterprise, first ask yourself, what is your idea of a successful project? What should your expectations be in looking for a good vendor? Accountability, budget, schedule, and communication are the four...

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Increasing the value of your website

Setting up a website is just part of doing business these days, but not having much data or the ability to communicate with visitors leaves a large opportunity to interact with your potential prospects on the table. We have all kinds of tools available that allow us...

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Featured In Kansas City Business Journal

KC tech company launches accelerator program for entrepreneurs Kansas City-based Illumisoft started noticing a common pain point with prospective clients who wanted custom software development. Some of them were ill-prepared. They didn't know whether their...

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How to Compare Software Development Companies

How do I Compare Software Development Companies? There are several important considerations to follow when searching for a software development companies;  1). Find a software development company you can build a business relationship with,  2). Search for a company...

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Website Chat Feature is Growing in Usage

If you get around on the web like I do, then you have probably been seeing more, and more websites that have a chat box enabled. You know what I mean.? There might be a little chat icon or something like flashing in the bottom right corner. Or, it could be on the left...

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