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Organize your paper and digital files in a seamless and efficient system.

Storing documents that are confidential, crucial to the business, or sensitive is serious business. More so when they are printouts that don’t have a digital copy; you’ll need a way to organize and securely access them. Setting up a secure document management system (DMS) for your business can help. More than a tool for businesses, this protocol directs how your company will manage electronic and paper data from its creation to disposal.

Custom Records Management Software in Kansas City, MO

Data management systems were previously for paper documents, but DMS has expanded to include electronic data, too.

illumisoft adapts to this change and offers its software development expertise to create an electronic document and electronic records management systems, or ERM, in Kansas City, MO for your company. As with our other services, we customize these systems according to your particular needs. Our developers sit down with your team, discuss your goals for document and information management, and develop strategies on how to best address them. If you have protocols in place, our work can improve or enhance them with reliable software solutions.

illumisoft is an authority in developing and implementing these electronic document and record management systems:

Physical Document Storage

Our storage management specialists can advise you on the best methods for storing, organizing, and securing printed materials. Hard copy files are vulnerable to all kinds of damage (e.g., moisture, fading, paper deterioration) and must be handled properly. On top of that, you’ll need an electronic document management system that allows you to view, retrieve, or share these documents easily whenever necessary.

Cloud Storage

Assumptions over cloud storage are often in the extremes. Most people believe they are very reliable because they preserve information regardless of what happens to their printout copies. Others are concerned that cloud-based databases are extremely vulnerable because they can become easy targets for cyber theft and sabotage. illumisoft allays such fears by producing a software system with highly secure firewalls and security SOPs for maximum security.

The Benefits of Document Storage

Who better to trust with your most important documents than the people in your organization? Whether it’s your HR group or a team dedicated to information and data management, you’ll want to empower them with a modern electronic document management system. Ideally, one that allows them to perform various management functions from an intuitive, customized, digital platform.

Physical and digital document storage systems can provide valuable benefits to your business:

  • Access to documents – You gain a central database for paper and digital dossiers, which only authorized users can access anytime.
  • Systems integration – Incorporate legacy procedures that you can’t quickly let go of without compromising the improvement to your DMS system.
  • Heightened security – Keep all your business intelligence under lock and key (for physical storage) and secure storage and passwords (for digital storage).
  • Time and cost efficiency – None of your team will have to spend hours searching through your physical and digital archives. We incorporate powerful search and organization features in our DMS programs so everyone saves time.

Choose Document Storage Solutions by Illumisoft

Investing in data management system software is a good move. Choosing one of the most trusted software development companies in Kansas City, Missouri, to do the heavy lifting is a great move. An integrated electronic DMS system is only as good as the people who made it, and the developers at illumisoft are among the best in the city.

With illumisoft, you’re assured of the following:

  • A local team – We are Kansas City residents, which means you can meet with us face-to-face.
  • A collaborative and consultative approach – Our developers study your existing data management process or the system you want your employees to adopt. We then devise programs, features, and user interface plans that align with and improve your existing processes.
  • Hands-on project development – We do all software development work in-house. We don’t outsource the work you entrust to us.

Let’s Talk Today

Get your digital and paper data in order as quickly as possible with illumisoft’s digital management solutions. We offer our services to companies and mid-sized businesses in Kansas City, MO. We’re available as consultants or as your custom software developers.

You can reach us via email and request a free initial consultation. Contact illumisoft today.

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