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What to Look For In Healthcare Solution Consulting

27 Apr, 21 | illumisoftadmin

Fundamental to any healthcare company is the core value of improving patient well-being. Healthcare organizations are, without doubt, diverse in terms of services offered, areas of expertise, and means of achieving outcomes. Nevertheless, the goals of curing illness, extending life, and securing positive medical outcomes for patients and communities remain at the heart of the industry. 

Of course, delivering quality care depends upon awareness of how a business functions. In any organization, there are inevitably processes that could be optimized or systems that could be updated or streamlined. Such issues are even more pronounced in today’s fast-evolving information ecosphere.

One way for healthcare organizations to optimize patient-centric performance is by investing in healthcare solution consulting. Here’s what to look for when considering which healthcare consulting partner is right for your company.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

There are many aspects of running a business that remain constant, no matter the industry. However, business in healthcare does have unique characteristics.

In particular, companies in the healthcare industry are faced with several interlocking information-related challenges. They must manage and coordinate enormous amounts of data, particularly electronic health records (EHRs). They must ensure that information contained within EHRs can be shared rapidly and accurately across multiple entities in the healthcare sector. Perhaps most importantly, healthcare organizations must ensure that information contained within EHRs remains secure and private.

These data-centric challenges drive home the point that any company offering healthcare consulting solutions must be proficient not only with implementing information management and adjacent technologies but must also possess industry-specific experience in healthcare.

Questions to Ask

Before you decide to partner with a healthcare consulting firm, you’ll want to make sure that their industry experience is in alignment with your needs. A great way to vet potential healthcare IT consultants is to look into their past use cases. There are several questions you’ll want to ask while assessing possible partners. 

  • What healthcare industry clients has the firm worked with before?
  • What were the outcomes? Were there quantifiable differences in business performance?
  • What do past clients have to say about their experience working with the firm?
  • What does the firm’s client retention look like?

Cultural Compatibility

A company’s relationship with a healthcare solution consultant is not a short-term proposition. Professional connections between healthcare organizations and IT consulting firms commonly last as long as three to five years, and can have profound effects on how a business develops and reacts to a changing landscape. Accordingly, it’s essential to do due diligence to ensure that your business culture is aligned with that of a possible consulting partner.

Value and Mission Alignment

Many IT consulting firms are explicit about their values, so it’s worth taking time to carefully consider their mission statement and its relation to your own company’s values and objectives.  

  • Consider issues like whether a consulting organization believes in and is willing to champion your organization’s goals and complement your organization in terms of size, culture, IT needs, and growth potential.
  • Approach a potential consulting partner with a refined message and no ambiguity about your current needs and future business prospects. 
  • Be clear-eyed in your assessment of the extent to which they are responsive to your message and can offer specific solutions designed to meet your IT objectives.


The importance of keeping the bidirectional lines of communication open cannot be understated. It is imperative to pay special attention during the vetting process to a company’s response time, willingness to listen to and truly understand your needs, and offer thoughtful responses and solutions in return.

Alternatively, access is important: you need to be able to communicate openly and immediately with your consulting partner. You should be as clear as possible about your requirements, and they should be available to craft custom solutions for you on the basis of those requirements. Both parties must be adaptable as the market or technological landscape changes.

Innovative Solutions

One of the main benefits of working with a healthcare solution consulting team is that it opens your organization up to innovative approaches that can have widespread and lasting beneficial effects on your business, both technologically and in terms of day-to-day operations.

Industry-standard software solutions are common, fairly inexpensive, and are easy to deploy. However, you should avoid working with consulting operations that make use of off-the-shelf software tools. Organizations within the healthcare sector are diverse and display a significant amount of heterogeneity when it comes to business practices, services, and patient data requirements. That’s why your consulting partner should be willing and able to propose solutions that are targeted to your specific business.

Healthcare is a fast-changing field, and every company wants to maintain its edge by ensuring that core operations are flexible, scalable, and adaptable. Custom software solutions, tailored to fit your company’s specific needs, are the key. 

Bottom line: Make sure your healthcare solution consulting partner offers custom IT solutions specifically designed to fit the requirements of your business.

Never Settle

Partnering with a healthcare solution consulting company is a major investment and one that has the potential to positively change your organization in revolutionary ways. Choosing the right partner is crucial.

illumisoft offers several advantages when it comes to healthcare-specific software solutions. They have a proven track record of designing and implementing data management software for companies in the healthcare sector. 

illumisoft embodies the values of transparency and partnership and are committed to working with your company long term. They offer custom solutions using innovative, cutting-edge methodologies that will keep your business’s IT processes functioning smoothly, allowing you and your employees to focus on what really matters: keeping patients healthy.