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The 3 Types of Companies: What Kind Is Yours?

13 Jun, 16 | illumisoftadmin

What stage is your business currently in with regard to its IT infrastructure? Take a look at the three most common types of companies to find out what they are and what you can do to improve and accelerate your company’s growth.

Companies today fall into three types:

TYPE 1: Deserted Island Stage

This kind of company needed technology in the past so it created its own IT department. The company hired its own software development team to create, manage and maintain software data and infrastructure. Now, many years later, they are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of technological change. They are probably spending far more money on software solutions because their core IT team has not been staying abreast of new cutting-edge technologies. They spend more on support and maintenance than on innovation. They also spend more time resolving incremental issues instead of coming up with system-wide new approaches that solve the problems in a holistic way. In short, it’s like this company exists on a deserted island with old tools and outdated survival methods.

TYPE 2: Band-Aid Stage

In order to meet its IT needs, this type of company purchased commercial off-the-shelf software. Many years later, its IT department is stuck in integration hell. There is a lot of duplicated effort involved at this type of company. Their solutions often come in the form of technological band-aids that attempt to bridge the gaps between incompatible systems. After doing this for a considerable amount of time, they end up reaching a point where they can no longer extract any value from these cobbled together solutions. At some point they’re going to have to build a custom software solution. At this stage, they can either become a category 1 company or a category 3 company.

TYPE 3: Full Adaptation

These types of companies have chosen to not learn how to be a software development company, instead they focus their efforts on the things they’re really good at. If they’re smart, they’ll choose a modern development company that provides the ability for complete application lifecycle management or ALM. Many companies are going this route because they realize they are unable to keep up with the exponential rate of changes in technology. By outsourcing development to a third-party, they ensure they get the most cutting-edge and reliable software development solutions available. They are also able to allocate more resources to their core business because their resources are not being wasted on IT maintenance and trouble shooting.

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