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Website Chat Feature is Growing in Usage

02 Apr, 17 | illumisoftadmin

If you get around on the web like I do, then you have probably been seeing more, and more websites that have a chat box enabled. You know what I mean.? There might be a little chat icon or something like flashing in the bottom right corner. Or, it could be on the left or anywhere else on their site. Usually, if you sit there a few seconds, this chat window will pop up and there is someone on the other end asking if they can help you.

I don’t know about how you feel about this… I’m not even sure if I know how I feel about it just yet. But, at first glance, I think that it might just be pretty cool. I’m thinking about it, and I can see how it allows just the right amount of interaction between someone like me who’s looking at your website, and someone like you as the purveyor of the products or services the website supports.

It’s almost like I am walking along the promenade and I see a candy store. I stop and look inside the window at all the nice candy. After standing there a moment I notice that the owner, from inside the store, can see me and she is waving at me as though to say hello. But, it’s also implying that she’s there to help if I’d like help, and as a gentle hint as to my being welcome to come inside. Personally, I think that’s a nice way to begin a relationship! It’s not sales-y. It’s not pushy. If, after look, I wasn’t interested in candy, I could have just as easily waved back and kept walking.

As a result, I recently installed jivochat on my website. I was instantly pleased with how many people interacted with me through it. Someone comes to my website, and they can immediately see if I’m available to chat. Since I have the jivochat app installed on my phone, I can control my availability. I can chat with them right through the app just like it’s any other chat app on your phone. Also, if I’m not available, or if, for some reason, I don’t respond, I can set up jivochat to auto-respond with my email address or phone number so that the client can contact me directly.

As a small business owner, I think that’s a win!  

Dan Prince is the President and CEO of a Kansas City based, product design and development agency. illumisoft focuses on technology utilization strategies for small to midsize businesses. The use of proven strategies has produced dramatic results in cost reduction, and systems modernization. Dan also works with start-ups and small technology companies to plan their journey in a rapidly changing technology landscape. Reach Dan at [email protected] or phone/sms 816.564.9595.