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Understanding The Micro-Moment In Business

21 Jun, 16 | illumisoftadmin

As people become more and more dependent on their smartphones for everything, a new type of experience has emerged: the micro-moment.

What is a micro-moment?

A micro-moment occurs when someone turns to their smartphone to find an answer to a question, get a problem solved or find a new business or product. According to Google, the solutions that address micro-moments are “Immediate. Relevant. Frictionless.”

This basically means that your business needs to restructure its current focus to include thinking of its services in the context of micro-moments. Most people are too busy and don’t have time to do extensive research. They want their needs met quickly and efficiently. And if they sense that the source of information isn’t of a high quality nature, they’ll quickly abandon it and go somewhere else.

What this means is that your company’s voice on the internet has to be authentic, helpful and frictionless. Your message should be geared towards solving people’s problems. It seems the days of fluffing up one’s feathers have died. People want to instantly know what you can do for them, in ten seconds or less. That’s the essence of the micro-moment and how it plays out in business.

If anything, the micro-moment will only increase its popularity as people continue to rely on their smart devices to solve every imaginable problem. The most helpful and frictionless answer will dominate this space.

If you are a business owner, you need to figure out how best to redefine and restructure your presence on the internet. While you’re doing this restructuring, just ask yourself these three questions:

Is my message truly helpful?

Is my message able to quickly solve people’s problems?

Is my message frictionless?