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Top 6 Reasons To Use The Cloud

08 Jul, 16 | illumisoftadmin

As a business owner you might be aware of some benefits of using cloud computing, but you still may not know the full scope of advantages that exist with cloud computing. Here are the six top reasons you should adopt cloud computing:



Buying the physical infrastructure required for computer and network systems is very costly. There are servers, switches, networking equipment, routers, workstations and other hardware necessities. The other issue is that most hardware has a very limited shelf life and becomes outdated very quickly. The constant replacement of outmoded hardware gets pricey, fast. Not having to buy these physical components results in much lower infrastructure costs.



It seems that we are living in an age where new digital threats rise up more quickly and with more complexity than every before. The need to specialize and keep up to speed on technology and hacking trends is usually not able to be met with traditional IT departments. Cloud data is stored in state-of–the-art, highly secured systems that are on the cutting edge of technology. Cloud providers can sink big resources into security because security is their business. Smaller businesses cannot compete with the cloud providers’ robust and advanced systems.



When you move to the cloud, you automatically get rid of things like software license renewals, hardware, software, support and maintenance.This results in no unexpected IT expenses and what business owner would not be overjoyed by such a thought. Your cloud provider plan will be a highly predictable monthly fee that can be changed if you company’s needs changed. This highly predictable component can greatly reduce stress and strain on your team.



Having your resources in the cloud enables you to access them wherever and whenever. You could take a trip to Paris and still meet with your team remotely. This freedom of location and time can add massive value to a business’ ability to scale, grow and develop. It also can allow for greater fluidity of human connectivity. Making connections is closely tied to the agility of a company. The more agile your company becomes, the more likely it is to succeed in the future.



Cloud computing allows your business to scale up or down depending on your needs at any given time. Your company will sometimes need a massive amount of resources quickly added, but then at other times, it will need to reduce those same resources in a similarly short amount of time.If the company needs more RAM, hard drive space, or CPUs, any of these can be added quickly, often in a matter of minutes. The cloud provides you with any of these scenarios. The on-demand nature of the cloud is perhaps the most powerful aspect of it.



The way we do business is changing, and it will continue to change even faster in the future. We expect everything to be accessible and available to us wherever we go and whenever we want it. This trend will continue into the future. While most portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks, are not as powerful as the average workstation, using the cloud dramatically increases the combined computing power of these devices. The workforce is increasingly becoming more mobile and flexible and we can expect even more disruptive technologies in the future of cloud computing.


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