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Why Is Software Testing Necessary?

20 Jun, 16 | illumisoftadmin

Software testing is necessary for one basic reason: we all make mistakes. 

Some mistakes are minor but some can be very expensive or dangerous. We need to constantly check and test our software to make sure that no gaps exist. The software development phase is a time of writing code and creating unique solutions. Even the best software engineers occasionally leave out an important line of code or a character. For this reason, software development companies have created a rigorous testing phase that is a natural part of the software ecosystem. This testing phase catches human errors before they have a chance to do any damage or waste the client’s time.

As is the case for most software development companies, we thoroughly test our software which reduces the risk of producing subpar work. Due to the organic and specialized nature of software development, testing in small batches has become the norm. And testing is something we do not take lightly. The better and more rigorous our tests are, the better our software solutions become.

Another aspect of testing software or any other custom product is the importance of having someone else check the work.

Of course the software engineer will want to check his or her own work, but having someone else do the testing is essential to the product’s quality. Assumptions and blind spots plague everyone and software engineers are no exception. To illustrate that point, when you write a message or an email, you occasionally might forget to add in a word. When you re-read your own message, your brain skips over the missed word, and connects the sentence together. You never notice the absence of the word because your brain has filled it in for you. It’s only when you have someone else read it that the mistake is caught.

Software engineering is roughly the same thing, but it’s a little more complex because we’re dealing with systems, functions and solutions. Having a team create rigorous tests for each iteration of software yields the best and highest quality results since a number of different perspectives will be involved in the testing process. These different perspectives create a solid and quality-focused software solution.

The software comes alive during the testing phase

Once it’s initiating actions, we can immediately tell if it’s performing as we or our customer visualized it. If it’s not performing as well as it should, or if it’s in need of more work, then it can be quickly improved upon. It’s so much easier to know what is in need of fixing once it’s working and being tested.

Without testing, solutions would come much more slowly.

Testing speeds up the process of creating high quality software products. We are dedicated to the testing process because we want our clients to be overjoyed with our work.