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Your New Bright Idea: Steps To Consider Before You Start

23 Jun, 16 | illumisoftadmin

Do you have a shiny new idea for a custom software development project?

Have you come up with a solution that solves a lot of your customers’ pain points? Does your idea feel like it will revolutionize your business processes?

Great! This is a good start. You’ll need to hold onto that enthusiasm throughout the stages of software development. The idea stage of planning a software project is exciting, no doubt. There are, however, some crucial things to consider before a new project is started.

Here are some things to consider before starting your new software project:

Selecting The Right Development Team
If you rush into a great project with the wrong partners, the results will be both costly and frustrating. The way to select the right team is to be completely honest and transparent about your goals, vision, philosophy and methods from the get go. In the initial stages of getting to know developers, honesty will guide you to the right fit. As you ask questions of the developers, gauge their response and pay attention to your gut instincts. Ask lots of questions, and more importantly, ask the developers to explain their philosophy of doing business. You’ll be able to compare their answers with your own and find the right fit.

Communication of Essentials: Time And Money
Of course you will have some constraints with regard to time and money. If you don’t communicate these constraints to the development team early on, there will be a lot of confusion on both sides. Be detailed about your monetary budget and time constraints. By being honest, you allow the development team to give you an honest assessment. Holding back information will only cause frustration and could be very costly, too. But remember, with software development, a strict timeline scenario isn’t ideal. Software development is an organic process that requires flexibility.

Focus On Goal
It will be easy to become distracted by other things as a software project begins to take shape. Oftentimes, clients tend to focus on things that do not include the original goal of creating a solution. Instead, people get focused on completion dates, budget and timelines, and these distractions actually compromise the integrity of the software solution. If you’re mind is veering off track, remind yourself of the original problem that the software solution is trying to solve. If the project is cut short, the solution won’t be very good.

Be Realistic
Let’s face it. Problems will arise. That’s the nature of creating solutions with people. Everyone is different and has a different idea of how to create a solution. When problems arise, it’s essential that you trust those with whom you are working. That’s why this part of the process is wholly dependent upon the people whom you’ve chosen. If you skipped over the first part, Selecting The Right Development Team, then this section won’t make a lot of sense. Trust arises when two parties share similar philosophies, both in life and in business. When you trust someone, having disagreements is a little uncomfortable, but eventually a mutual solution can arise. Conversely, if you don’t trust someone, a disagreement can instantly sever the relationship. Choose wisely.

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