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Meet Viv, A Post-Siri Virtual Assistant That May Change The Future

28 May, 16 | illumisoftadmin

Remember the days in 2007 when the iPhone came with only a few apps and App stores didn’t really exist?

Now take a look at your own smartphone. You probably have more apps on it than you know what to do with. The app market exploded after 2008 when Apple opened its App Store to developers. Now there are 1.5 million apps available in the App Store.

The experts are saying that we’re in a similar growth explosion phase with regard to artificial intelligence. An entirely new virtual assistant called Viv could potentially make the over-saturated app market less relevant. Viv could disrupt other things like the way people do business, the advertising model, payment behaviors and other things we do not yet know. If you haven’t heard of Viv yet, I’m almost positive you will in the coming year. Viv is set to be released at the end of 2016 and to fully understand the superior functionality of this new intelligent interface. You really have to see the demo:

Did you notice how many times CEO Dag Kittlaus said the word, paradigm shift?

The other reason I’m convinced you’ll become familiar with it is because its creators are insisting that Viv becomes the dominant intelligent interface inside all devices, even smart objects. If all goes according to plan, Viv will be on Android and Apple phones and in every system currently in use. They have already turned down some big offers of acquisition. Being bought up by one single company is not in their game plan. They are going for absolute ubiquity. This alone signifies something unusual because they are more interested in universality, much more akin to the idea of a technology like Bluetooth, USB, etc. When you see the video, you’ll understand just how revolutionary this new Viv system is.

The main reason Viv is poised to disrupt so many different existing systems is that it is composed of both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These two systems combine to form Intelligent Agents that can successfully decode a person’s intention. Also, Viv embodies a giant leap forward because of its ability to write its own code. Stop right here. VIV CAN WRITE IT’S OWN CODE. Is your jaw on the floor yet?


Image: YouTube Still From Techcrunch video

Viv uses a self-learning system as opposed to the linear systems currently used by Siri, Echo and Cortana. Basically, Viv acts more like a human than a machine and can acquire intelligence as it is asked more and more questions. This is unprecedented territory in virtual assistants and it’s also the reason I believe it may change a lot of things in the next decade. 

To get an in-depth understanding of Viv, check out the answer from a question on Quora, What’s the difference between Siri and Viv? 


Featured and above image credit: recombined from Viv website