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Meet illumisoft: Dan Prince

03 Jun, 16 | illumisoftadmin

Current Position: Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Been with illumisoft for: 2 years

Top Skills: I guess I would say I’m really good at resource utilization, process improvement, and opportunity identification. But, I’m also good at bringing people together toward a common goal and helping them to see the vision in such a way that it motivates them to be a part of it.

Personal Mantra: I can have, be, and do everything I want in this lifetime by working persistently, aggressively, and continuously toward that goal in harmony with other people in a way that benefits everyone affected.

People would be surprised if they knew: I have 4 sons. I have studied success books and self-improvement writings for over a decade.

 How did you first learn about illumisoft? I built illumisoft 2 years ago under the name “The Agileist” … at the time The Agileist was a good enough name. We rebranded about 6 months ago to illumisoft.

How did you come up with the name “illumisoft”? I believe that in today’s world we do things a little crazy with respect to building software. I want to enlighten the world to a better way to do it. So we thought of words that would allow us to enlighten people and illuminate stuck out… Some domain searches later we found was up for sale. The rest is history.

Best thing about Kansas City? The people.

If you were a type of beer, what beer would you be? I would probably be a double IPA. Plenty of flavor and over 10% alcohol.

If you could hop on a plane right now, where would it take you? 15K feet in the air and then open the door!