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How To Make A Free Phone Call From Your Computer And More

06 Jul, 16 | illumisoftadmin

If you happen to be without a smartphone or your phone battery has died, did you know you can make a free phone call from your computer inside of Gmail?

This is of course assuming you have an internet connection. There are a number of ways to do this, using different apps and websites, but if you have a Gmail account, the process is pretty straightforward. It’s easier than you might think. And, it completely free, too.

First, log into your Gmail account. On the lower left boxed area, there is a call phone link. Click on that. This brings up a dial pad which you can either click on with your mouse or type in using the number keys. Your call will be connected shortly afterwards. Of course you need a microphone and speakers for this to work, but most modern computers are equipped this way.

Here’s a quick video tutorial in case you need some visuals:

In case you already knew how to make a phone call from your computer, here’s another extremely useful tip about transferring files from computer to computer.

Most people use flash drives to transfer files and the video below explains how to do this. If you don’t have a flash drive, you can use a cloud provider, such as any of the platforms like Google, Facebook or email. Here’s a refresher on how to transfer files between computers on a PC using a flash drive:

If you’re going on vacation this summer and want to go on an information diet, complete with not answering emails, you may want to consider setting up an automatic email responder.

This video explains how to do that:

Google does a good job of explaining technical stuff in a simple and straightforward way. Check out the entire list of their how-to videos here and get a refresher course on the basics of the tools. Google has an entire folder of very useful videos that cover simple topics. Sometimes it’s really helpful to find answers in video form on very specific topics instead of using written tutorials.