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Increasing the value of your website

05 Apr, 18 | illumisoftadmin

Setting up a website is just part of doing business these days, but not having much data or the ability to communicate with visitors leaves a large opportunity to interact with your potential prospects on the table.

We have all kinds of tools available that allow us to see the number of visitors to our website, but what does that really mean if no one is reaching out you via your website?

More visits are a good thing, right? Well, it depends. If no one is interacting with you via your website, more visitors are not really getting you more business. Does that increase from X to Y visitors on your website really result in that many more people buying from you? If so great, but what if it is not?

Don’t get me wrong, the visitors to your website are still important numbers to have, but how can you promote more business and customer interaction if someone visits your website and then leaves?  What if that visitor had some questions that they wanted to have answered, but were not ready to pick up the phone or fill out a “contact us” form?  You may have only one chance to interact with that customer and losing that is a significant blow to your business.

This is where a chat application comes in handy. You can interact with customers that you would not normally interact with. These are the people that are interested in learning more about your company, but not quite ready to pick up the phone or fill out a “contact us” form.

These are the people that you can lose to a competitor if you do not have a chat application on your website. They have questions, they will be buyers, but they are without a guide to help them understand the deeper questions that they have. They will not proactively reach out to you, they will, however, make assumptions about you on their own. With chat, you can proactively reach out to them.

At illumisoft we use JivoChat and have been very happy with it. JivoChat allows us to interact with visitors to our website in real time and at what intervals we choose.  Since we are a smaller organization it also allows us to use the mobile application that results in us not having to lose the ability to chat with potential clients, just because we are not physically in the office.

While always can reach out to website visitors at any time we like during their visit, JivoChat also allows us to set up automatic intervals to interact with our visitors. We merely must be logged in to have the application push a chat session with us. We can set up a specific amount of time that a visitor is on our website to have JivoChat set up an automatic chat or if a visitor is on a specific webpage to let us know.

All of this happens without an individual having to monitor the visitor to our website, but just being notified when the parameters that we set up happen.

With JivoChat we can interact with potential clients that we would not have the opportunity to do so without it.  Not everyone will interact with a Chat invitation, but many will. Those that do are closer to a buying decision.

We find that those who are close to a buying decision will fill out our contact us form, but those that are in the earlier stages of the buying cycle (and those that are just gathering information) we now can interact with.

Many websites have a chat feature, which, as a consumer, I appreciate. If I have some questions or concerns about what I am looking for I can engage with Chat. The proactive nature of the chat is an opportunity for me to find out more information without any work on my part (filling out the contact us form or picking up the phone to call the organization). If I do not want to gather additional information at that time, I can simply ignore the opportunity to chat with someone (knowing that I will always have the option again when I visit that website).

This enhances my ability to learn as a consumer and that of the company to educate their clients and move their website visitors closer to becoming a customer.

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