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Coworking in Kansas City: Demystified

16 Jun, 16 | illumisoftadmin

Here at illumisoft we not only are aware of the global shift towards working remotely, we are a team of people who understand the advantages of sharing resources, working during our most productive times, collectively working in a digital sphere and saving overhead costs. As technology continues to disrupt the 9-5 paradigm further each year, many people are finding that working collectively and remotely using cloud technology is the best option for more freedom, productivity, profit and innovation. With amazing cloud technology, the coworking trend would not be nearly as explosive as it is today.

Here’s a great overview that shows the explosive growth of coworking in the last few years:

The coworking trend is certainly here to stay and even large corporations are starting to take notice of the benefits of coworking spaces. According to Dalguni Desai of Forbes Magazine,

“Corporations are also beginning to adopt some coworking concepts into their own offices. According to a JLL study published in January, larger companies are rethinking and redesigning their workplaces into more open and evocative spaces. One of the drivers of this redesign has been the continually low employee engagement rates in Gallup’s surveys each year.  While there is no direct link between engagement and office space layout, large companies are actively testing more open and creative new layouts for certain teams and functions.”

The more cloud technology and decentralized infrastructure develops, the more this coworking trend will grow in the future. “Clocking in” sort of loses its meaning in our times of rapid technological change. If you’re considering going remote or at least downsizing your infrastructure costs as a business owner in Kansas City, you have many options to choose from.

With the arrival of Google Fiber, Kansas City has seen explosive growth in the coworking spaces sector. The Kansas City Coworking Alliance is a great resource if you’re considering experimenting with coworking. This article will help you find the best coworking space for you.

While you’re doing research on coworking, check out how Kansas City is creating the world’s largest coworking facility called Plexpod in the heart of the city. Plexpod will contain dedicated office spaces, team suites, creator spaces, event spaces, conference rooms and more in a giant building that is currently not being used.