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Top 4 Reasons Why Cloud Adopters have a Competitive Edge

13 Apr, 16 | illumisoftadmin

Top 4 Reasons Why Cloud Adopters have a Competitive Edge



Many of the people I talk to in both my personal and professional life have very little, if any, idea of what the Cloud is, and the ones that do are often confused about how it may help them or their business.

On a technical level, the Cloud is simply a large grouping of resources, most often computers, that are made available through a simple interface.  Think of a hotel’s concierge service.  If you need something, all you have to do is ask the concierge and the concierge does all the work to service your request.  You have no idea exactly how the work is being done or how many attendants are servicing the request and yet the request is fulfilled.

This is a close parallel to how the Cloud operates.  You simply ask it for a service, such as “Please hold on to these files for me,” or “Please host this web site for me” and the Cloud provider fulfills the request without you needing to have any understanding of how that service is provided.

While it may feel intimidating to relinquish control of your data and software to a third party, this relationship offers a number of benefits that can directly effect a company’s day-to-day operations and, ultimately, their bottom line in a very positive way.

The most immediate and impactful benefits of migrating to the Cloud are:

  • Cost Savings
  • Speed and Scalability
  • Availability and Reliability
  • Support


Cost Savings

The primary way that the Cloud can offer cost savings to your business is by allowing you to completely eliminate your data center.  You can significantly reduce your internal IT footprint by no longer having to personally house and support the hardware that currently operates within your data center.

Furthermore, you are only charged for the resources that you consume, such as CPU Time or Network Data, because the Cloud is a shared environment.  When you are not actively consuming any resources, those resources can be utilized by other clients.  You are not paying for electricity, air conditioning, or any of the other expenses that go into maintaining your data infrastructure even when it’s not being used.

Speed and Scalability

The Cloud’s ability to shift around how its resources are being used can also provide opportunities toward improving your user’s experience with your software.

If you host your own data center and find that you are suddenly experiencing more demand from your users than what you anticipated, then you may run short of the computing capacity required to offer a satisfying experience.  The difficulty in scaling to meet your users’ demands is alleviated in the Cloud by the fact that the Cloud can automatically scale in size to devote more resources to your application on demand.

Furthermore, all of the major cloud providers have multiple data centers hosted on every continent, except Antarctica.  If your business is international with users on multiple continents, then the Cloud is also able to automatically migrate your data and services physically and provide a consistent experience to your users all around the globe.

Availability and Reliability

Automatic migration of your data and services also allows the Cloud to offer unprecedented uptime metrics.  The Cloud was built with redundancy in mind, and the same mechanism that is used to provide consistent speed across the globe is also used to guarantee that your data and services will always be available.

If the Cloud is having complications internally with providing your data and services, then those resources will be automatically migrated to another computer within the data center, or even to another data center entirely, until the issue is resolved.  All of this happens without any human intervention and you and your users will be none the wiser.


Finally, if for any reason a problem arises that is too complex for the automated fail-safes built into the Cloud, then expert technicians are available 24/7 for assistance.

And because support is also a shared resource in the Cloud, this brings us full circle back to Cost Savings and concludes my reasons for why I believe the Cloud can benefit every modern business.