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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Building eCommerce Solutions For UniDoor

02 Jul, 16 | illumisoftadmin

We had the chance to talk to Coolio Xu, President of UniDoor, recently about his experience working with us.
His company is experiencing rapid growth in the eCommerce fulfillment space.

That wasn’t always the case, though, because when Coolio first began to visualize his dreams of building his revolutionary eCommerce fulfillment company, he had chosen a team that was unable to create the right solution. Coolio recounts his rocky journey:

“I had many problems that needed to be solved with software in the beginning. I began working with a different software engineering team and they were supposed to create solutions for me and my company. 8 months later, I got nothing. The software was supposed to transfer messages between systems and it wasn’t working. Nothing was working at all. It was very frustrating. It was at this point that I began looking desperately for an expert in the field of software development so I could make my company’s vision come into reality. I asked my friends if they knew anyone and Dan Prince’s name came up.

I explained to Dan that the system I had invested in wasn’t working. Dan’s team at illumisoft began working to rescue my business project. Within 4 months, they got the software built and this time it worked. It still works. It’s a success. Dan moved from being a software expert to a key player in deciding how my vision and business operates.” –Coolio Xu of UniDoor

We built Coolio an eCommerce fulfillment and labeling systems that make his business more competitive. We also created a cross-border bulk shipping solution that makes shipping from China a lot more affordable and efficient for all parties. This means that UniDoor can consolidate large or small orders from anywhere in China and parts of Asia to come together in one container. Instead of sending each item, one at a time, say from China to the USA, we developed a system using a custom software development solution that is able to ship in bulk, thereby saving a huge amount of money and time.

His company can do a lot more than we even have touched upon here, but it’s clear that having the vision for a business is only the first step. You must select the right people who will ask the right questions.

When we worked with Coolio to create solutions to make his vision a reality, we asked questions – lots of tough questions to ensure that the vision he had was based in practical and doable models. The results speak for themselves.

We built two systems for UniDoor.