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The Most Amazing Server Farm on Earth

26 May, 16 | illumisoftadmin

What do you picture in your mind when you hear the terms, data center or server farm? If you’re like me, you probably picture a fluorescent-lit room with boring rows of large, dark-colored, rectangular-shaped metal boxes that contain buzzing servers full of data. It might look something like this:

Now there’s nothing wrong with such a set-up and in fact, most people just assume that all data centers look like this. But one Chinese tech company called Cloud DCS decided to do something very different. Cloud DCS is a major player in the cloud and data services market in Guangzhou, China. They serve big clients like Alibaba. In order to stand out in the highly competitive digital market, they decided to make their headquarters actually look like a cloud, complete with ethereal and futuristic elements. So they hired Hong Kong-based Arboit Limited and Alberto Puchetti was responsible for translating the futuristic concept into a design reality.

The headquarters of Cloud DCS has two distinct areas: data server farms and human-centered rooms for staff and visitors.Take a look at Frame Magazine’s photos of the interiors of Cloud DCS:


Images: Arboit Limited Photo by Dennis Lo from Frame Magazine


Images: Arboit Limited Photo by Dennis Lo from Frame Magazine


Images: Arboit Limited Photo by Dennis Lo from Frame Magazine

One of the major design challenges of this project was hiding all the server infrastructure. Alberto Puchetti said that he covered up all the server racks with highly contoured architectural shapes. According to Designbloom,

“The theme of the project is about the image of a stream of clouds containing knowledge carried by winds and defining in the sky flowing layers of fading tones of blue to portray today’s digital communication.”
– Designbloom website

After the success of creating this futuristic data center for Cloud DCS, the Arboit Limited architecture firm has been asked to create similar concepts for other clients. Perhaps the idea of “the cloud” will be manifesting in physical ways that no one has quite anticipated. This Chinese server farm certainly looks like something out of the future. Do you think this is the coolest server farm on earth? Have you visited any server farms lately?