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4 Healthcare Solutions That Save Time & Money and Create Better Outcomes

08 Jun, 21 | illumisoftadmin

Modern healthcare is characterized by a requirement to categorize, understand, and respond to the proliferation of vast amounts of data. Given that requirement, it is now recognized by every player in the industry that technology plays a major role in any successful healthcare organization. The use of technology has impacted every aspect of healthcare, from patient care to clinical trials to business practices.

It is no wonder, then, that more and more tech-oriented healthcare solutions are entering the market. Healthcare technology companies can rightfully boast solutions that save time for healthcare workers, boost the bottom line, and, most importantly, create better outcomes for patients.

Here, we look at four healthcare solutions that are changing the future of the industry.

1. illumisoft 

illumisoft is an industry leader in customized healthcare software development services with a focus on small- to mid-sized healthcare businesses. illumisoft is laser-focused on enhancing patient outcomes through technology with expertise in a wide variety of areas, from medical records management to patient monitoring to custom software development to consulting.

illumisoft eschews off-the-shelf third-party applications in favor of fully customized business software solutions for data management, inventory management, and tracking and monitoring. They also offer custom mobile app development and cloud-based services. 

What Sets Them Apart


One of illumisoft’s major strengths is listening to clients and being responsive to their needs, whether it’s bringing a new product to market or streamlining internal business processes. To that point, their custom software solutions are developed with specific objectives of each individual company. 

Additionally, their work is exclusively with healthcare professionals, so they know the industry and have the background to speak the language of healthcare.

The goal of their software solutions is to streamline your business operations, saving your employees time and making your business more successful. Less time worrying about IT infrastructure means more time to deliver quality care to your patients.

2. Tempus 

The overarching goal of Tempus is to provide data-driven precision medicine that allows professionals to make real-time decisions and deliver personalized patient-care. This vision manifests itself in several ways in terms of products and services. 

They have developed several proprietary sequencing techniques that enable reliable genomic profiling, and effectively bring together research in oncology and personalized medicine.

What Sets Them Apart

Combining genomic and clinical data to offer real-time precision medicine is Tempus’s specialty. The platform enhances the ability of medical professionals to identify targeted therapies for individuals and enables clinical trial matching, giving professionals the ability to reliably identify actionable clinical options that are personalized for each patient’s particular circumstances.

3. athenahealth 

In contrast to Tempus’s genomic database solutions, athenahealth focuses on cloud-based solutions designed to provide clinical and financial insights for healthcare businesses. Essentially, they streamline patient care by focusing on cloud-based data solutions for EHRs and other healthcare-related documentation. 

A cloud-based computational approach is being adopted more widely in many industries, and is particularly useful in healthcare since it allows the coordination of data derived from many sources within the healthcare ecosystem.

What Sets Them Apart

An important repository of data for patients, clinicians, and business interests alike is electronic health records (EHRs). athenahealth offers a cloud-based EHR service that is designed to achieve several interrelated aims and help professionals coordinate patient care between multiple care sites. This allows data to be added directly in a patient’s chart to be accessed by their proprietary mobile app.

Accurate, timely, and efficient documentation practices mean that healthcare professionals spend less time dealing with administrative or technological hassles, and more time focusing on the well-being of patients.

4. Allscripts 

Allscripts provides services primarily designed to improve performance of existing software solutions being used by healthcare organizations. They recognize that IT management is likely not at the top of the list of objectives for most healthcare companies so they offer services from infrastructure support, to service desk support, to staff augmentation, to full IT outsourcing.

What Sets Them Apart

Allscripts offers Education Services, comprising learning options ranging from eLearning to customized user training on specific platforms. The goal is to help healthcare organizations use technology solutions more effectively by modifying or managing existing infrastructure.

Removing a significant IT management burden saves time and money for healthcare organizations. Allscripts enables healthcare companies to focus on patient-centric healthcare solutions by lessening the IT headaches associated with complex and quickly changing technology. 

Choosing a Partner

Any modern healthcare company needs to embrace technology solutions to succeed in today’s market. Blending IT know-how with patient-centric care is no easy task, however. You need a partner in today’s complex healthcare ecosystem, somebody to shepherd you through lean times and prepare you for the inevitable technology-driven future of the industry.

It is important to know what to look for when choosing a healthcare technology partner. You’ll want to think about whether or not your partner has industry-specific expertise, whether your values align, and if your partner is able to offer the innovative solutions that will broaden your capabilities and enhance your business moving forward.

Commercial off the shelf software simply won’t cut it to remain competitive in the healthcare industry. Holistic, business-wide software integration is the key to enhancing productivity and efficiency within your organization. It also makes for flexible and agile organizations that can adapt in quickly-changing industries like healthcare. As we’ve seen, there are many healthcare companies offering a multitude of technology solutions. Which one is right for you?

No Ordinary Solution

When it comes to delivering custom software solutions, illumisoft goes beyond. illumisoft recognizes that, when it comes to software, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why they offer custom software development solutions that are responsive to your specific business mission and vision. illumisoft speaks the language of healthcare and their staff pride themselves on working with clients in a collaborative spirit.

illumisoft is staffed with friendly and personable engineers that have deep experience in the healthcare sector. They will help your business formulate the right plan, deliver results, and stick with you for the long haul. This is no ordinary IT solution: with illumisoft, you won’t just be another number. Your business will be valued and will remain a priority for the illumisoft team.