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3 Ways Cloud Adoption Can Ignite Small Business Growth

18 Jun, 16 | illumisoftadmin

Small and midsize businesses face a number of issues that don’t affect larger companies. For starters, SMBs don’t have the same amount of resources as them. Also, SMBs need to be able to communicate with their customers, employees and vendors effectively. In the past, SMBs could never compete with larger organizations because of the high cost of infrastructure, communication systems and technology.

Now, that has all changed with cloud computing. Using the cloud enables even one tiny business to operate a like a big corporation. The amount of resources are nearly unlimited and now that anyone can broadcast to a world-wide audience for free via many different platforms, the barriers have pretty much been dissolved. Small businesses with great ideas can reach a huge audience for very little money.

Cloud benefits include, better security, innovation, productivity, flexibility and mobility. That’s why 90% of small and medium sized businesses have moved their operations to the cloud, with email being the first thing to move there.

There are 3 main areas that improve with cloud adoption: mobility, secure data backup and scaling.


One of the best aspects of cloud technology is the ability for people to form teams without having to create a brick and mortar location. Data can be shared among team members and with various devices that are all connected to a central data hub. This allows the team to access people and resources that exist outside of their physical location. This expansion of mobility increases the relevancy and productivity of the business.

Secure Data Backup

The cloud simplifies business practices because it backs up your data as you work. It creates multiple copies of your work in many locations. This creates a safer system, free from hardware malfunctions, theft and hacking. The security systems of dedicated cloud services are more robust than those of the small businesses. Small businesses could never keep up with the latest hacking or software virus.


As your business gets bigger or more complex, rapid innovation is needed. In the past, most SMBs couldn’t afford to expand quickly. Now, they can with cloud computing. Infrastructure and other cloud services can be instantly accessed and developed without the exorbitant costs. Also, in case a business needs to scale back quickly, this is easily accomplished as well. The cloud makes for a very flexible arrangement.

As you can see from these three things, cloud computing is solving a great deal of problems for the small or medium sized business. Becoming aware of these advantages and then implementing them is in your best interest now and into the future.