While viewing your millionth cute cat photo on Facebook or the latest dry success story on your LinkedIn newsfeed, your mind might be craving some inspirational stimuli to help you come up with new ideas.


Everyone needs a creative push now and again to get their mental flow working. No matter what field you’re in, creativity plays an important role in both work and life. Sometimes just seeing a new idea will spark your imagination in surprising ways and lead to new streams of thoughts or actions.

If you’re on Instagram, then following these accounts will definitely supercharge your creativity. Some of these accounts are more whimsical than others, but each has an original stream of ideas and thought-provoking imagery.

#1 @technologymogul


Technologymogul collects the most cutting-edge and futuristic content from around the world. See robotic mosquitoes, Virgin Galactic prototypes, futuristic aquatic architecture, new medical devices and the world’s first bionic eye. This Instagram doesn’t disappoint and it excels at “dealing with the latest, greatest, and most unique types of technology.”

#2 @darrylljonesdarryll

Darryll Jones creates unusual and playful scenes with toys, mostly with a beloved Stormtrooper. He has an uncanny ability to make his toys come to life in a variety of scenes. It almost feels like Darryll carries around his treasured figures wherever he goes. And after a while, the figures start to feel pretty real because of all the realistic landscapes they’re in. This account will stretch your mind and cause you to think about different ways to tell a story.

#3 @mailchimpmailchimp

Mailchimp has definitely mastered the Instagram landscape and firmly established itself within the email marketing automation space. Their Instagram account is full of whimsical, irreverent photos of their chimp mascot in various silly situations. This account makes some serious fun on a regular basis.

#4 @madewithcodemadewithcode

Madewithcode is a Google-created initiative to inspire girls to code. It contains a lot of creative inspiration and showcases the projects that appear on their website. Their mission stems from: “Girls start out with a love of science and technology, but lose it somewhere along the way. Let’s help encourage that passion.” -Madewithcode website.

#5 @moography


Perhaps the most crazy and creative out of these 5 Instagram accounts is moography. The account is run by Anshuman Ghosh who confesses, ” [I’m] creating a quirky little imaginary world with my iPhone.” In his unusual iPhone creations, it’s hard to tell what parts of the image are digital and which are made from other materials. He’s really pushing the perspective boundary and the trick photography angle while inspiring his viewers to think outside the box.

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